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I really really hate to be a judgey kind of person, because I know people try their best most of the time

But oh my god, if this roleplayer answers one of my prompts one more time in going to scream. They godmod, power play, auto, and do everything you shouldn’t do in the roleplayer 101 handbook, to no end and have completely ruined Sollux roleplayers for me. I’m so sorry if you ever connect to my prompt asking to be Sollux, I will probably just end up disconnecting because oh god.

It’s like the tag took an issue with very little value and latched onto it, and is feeding off of it, because it’s actually something to talk about besides our usual arguments



Succubi/Incubi make more sense as asexual since they see humans as prey and a food source.

Well that’s why I said there is a higher chance of them being aromantic then asexual. I feel like it would be like flavors, different types of sex like different kinds of food? I don’t know how to describe this at the moment because it’s three am and my pills are making me sick


who’s up for having a skype group composed of everyone in the tag and we all have a battle royal

last one to leave out of frustration wins and becomes skeleton king

I’m completely down for this


thing is, a lot of us, i can guarantee it, have wanted (or felt like they wanted) to murder someone. if the role play is set up so that the specific intentions are just related to the murder- not trying to cover up the murder, not getting caught and having justice served, but only on the depiction of gore- then that’s a little fucking weird

but if you have fantasies of raping someone, and/or being raped yourself… that’s a little worse

i’m tired of people getting off on my experience and sexualizing it to the point of no return. i’ve yet to find a prompt portraying it in a negative fashion, using ‘noncon’ to cutesy it up so that it doesn’t quite hammer down like the word ‘rape’ does, where the prompt is the setup to the whole thing

First of all, which has been said many times, as a rape/molestation victim I personally am not triggered by the word rape. However, many people are, thats why Noncon is used, not to cutesy it up.

That being said, I dont know what part of cherubplay or time of day youre on, because i’ve seen many prompts wanting fucked up shit like murder and not getting away with it. NONCON rp’s are played as an outlet, and they probably wont stop anytime soon. Its set up like a Bdsm scene, there are two consenting people using characters to express and play out a scene. Its nothing new, just a new medium of doing things.



Egyptian mythology is best mythology




why even bring up genderqueer in that post what in the sam hell does being genderqueer have to to with incubi and succubi?????

I just clarified why i said it in a post in the tag. Basically in most mythology demons had the ability to change their gender, from male to female. However, the catholic church, doing what they do best with translating stuff over, changed it in translation. Once again, this part is from memory, so i can try to find a source, but dont hold me to it

((ps, i love your idea on feeding off of sexual energy. See, youre the kind of person that can make myth changes make sense, rather then taking a chunk out of it completely))

Also dont get me started on the shit anime has done to Japanese mythology. I can ramble about that longer then i can about Incubi/Succubi 

Look, the whole incubus shit was me rambling because someone answered a nap I posted wanting original mythology asking to be an asexual incubus.

Im literally saying there are other things that it would be so much better representing and you give me shit for that.

Things i have been told are

Would you be sexually attracted to your food

No, i wouldnt. If you put it like that then an asexual incubi would be fucking like they were just drinking water all the damn time. Different kinds of sex would be like different flavors of food, and can you imagine hating every flavor of your food

So tell me, do you not enjoy eating?

I said genderqueer simply because most demons had the ability to change their gender in mythology. Like damn, i though this tag adored things without a specific gender. I think it was just changed in the english translation of the bible for the catholic church, but im going off of memory for that so dont hold me to it

Oh, and while its on my mind, vampire mythology actually hasnt changed much since around the eighteen hundreds, when Dracula was published (except twilight, everyone should hate twilight) so thats a shit argument against changing modern myths

Back to the main point

This was about my rp, and i have every damn right to ramble about it not making much sense to me. The part that doesnt make sense to me isnt them making them asexual in a whole, rather the fact that people make them having nothing to do with sex, when that is the whole damn consept behind them, hear?


okay so maybe, to us, the hopefully non-rapists, the line between fiction and reality are pretty clear set

but to the people who are fucked up enough to rape someone, it’s not

it’s not a ‘harmless fantasy’

hopefully to us, the line between fiction and reality is clear set

but to murders who are fucked up enough to murder someone its not.

Really, this can be applied to anything you dont want to rp. You dont want people rping murder, replace the word with murder.